Services Overview

Diagnostic Resources and Solutions is a technical sanitary and storm sewer evaluation company. Our services include:

Electro Scan Evaluation Technologies (Sales & Service)
We are an authorized dealer for Electro Scan, covering Flordia, Georgia, Tennessee and Puerto Rico.

Closed Circuit Television Inspections
Internal television inspections (CCTV) are the most effective way to determine the structural characteristic of a pipe.  These cameras are usually tract driven or floated through a sewer.  They utilize sophisticated computer software programs to locate and chart the defects.  Voice overlay can be utilized by the technician to “call” the defect as it observed.  These high resolution cameras are capable of pan and tilt functions and can view the all the interior of the pipe as well as observing the lateral connection where it ties into the main line sewer.  The CCTV inspection locates and charts defects as per industry standards. 

Verification CCTV for Post Rehabilitation Installations
This service is known as “Post Rehab CCTV”. The purpose of this CCTV inspection is to view the rehabilitated pipe (prior to payment of the contractor); ensuring it has met the installation specification of the project. This can be for main line or service lateral rehabilitation projects.

Service Lateral Inspection and Televising (From the Main Line)
This is an extremely technical service. A small camera is launched from the main line camera and inspects the lateral (building sewer) via an internal cable. Once the inspection is completed, the lateral camera is retrieved back into the main line camera which proceeds to the next service lateral where the process is repeated. This service is requires a highly trained crew to effectively CCTV sewer lateral from the main sewer line.

Manhole Inspections
Manhole inspections are conducted using various technologies to evaluate the structural conditions that can contribute to I/I and structural manhole collapses.  This inspection is usually done using telescopic pole cameras or high tech 3D Manhole Cameras.

Manhole Locations & Mapping
This inspection is necessary to locate and expose “lost or buried” manholes. Metal detectors and main line CCTV cameras are utilized to locate the manholes. Once located an accurate map can be developed utilizing GPS and mapping software.

Smoke Testing
This test introduces vapor under pressure “smoke” into a sewer collection system.   An isolated section of sewer is tested.  As the smoke exits the sewers through defects and cross-connects, they are located and charted for as Infiltrations and Inflow sources.

Bypass Pumping
This service provides a method of sewer flow control that is utilized to isolate a sewer line segment(s).  It requires plugging incoming lines, pumping sewer around the isolated segment that is to be inspected by utilizing the appropriate size pumps and discharge hoses.

Lateral Preparations (CCTV and Cleaning) for Cured-in-Place Applications
This service prepares the sewer building lateral for installation of a Cured-in-Place liner that will provide structural strength and reduce infiltration and inflow. The service lateral must be CCTV Inspected and cleaned “from inside the main sewer”. The line must be cleaned in accordance with installation specification of the Cured-in- Place Lateral rehabilitation system. This is a highly technical service that requires extensive expertise and experience.

Data Management
This service is the collection, utilization and management of sewer evaluation and rehabilitation data.  Data management is necessary in all areas of the sewer rehabilitation cycle.  This includes (evaluation data, custom reports for design engineers, pre and post evaluation of rehabilitation product installation to comply with project specifications.

High Pressure Cleaning for Sewer Rehabilitation Line Preparation

This service requires extensive high pressure cleaning of the host pipe.  The collection sewer to be rehabilitated must be “gun barrel “clean to ensure an efficient, successful installation.  Trenchless technologies such as Cured-in-Place liners and Slip Lining require that the host pipe be free of any debris.

High Pressure Sanitary and Storm Sewer Cleaning (Evaluation)

By utilizing combination trucks (high pressure jetting and vacuum) techniques clean the sewers to remove rocks, grease, roots, and debris in order to allow for effective internal television inspection of the sanitary or storm sewer.  Various cleaning nozzles combined with high pressure jetting clean and scour the line, preparing it for CCTV evaluation.