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Electro Scan

It's a simple fact – pipe defects that leak water also leak electricity.
Since electricity flows through the slightest crack and around corners, Electro Scan finds ALL defective pipe joints and sewer tap connections that CCTV can’t by visual observation. In addition to identifying leak locations, Electro Scan indicates the size, too. The bigger the electrical flow, the bigger the defect, the bigger the leak potential. The type of defect – joint, tap, or crack, is shown by the pattern of the electric current.



ES-38 for Sewer Laterals™

The ES-38™ is designed for scanning laterals from 3 to 8 inches in diameter. Using Electro Scan’s proprietary technology, variations of electricity flowing through the pipe wall, associated with distance measurements, are automatically transmitted to Electro Scan’s Smartphone application to record and display defect locations and their relative size.


ES-620 for Sewer Mains™

The ES-620™ series of Electro Scan products are designed for scanning sewer pipe from 6 to 60 inches in diameter. Two products, designed for direct integration to your existing CCTV Truck include the ES-620™ for 6 to 20 inches in diameter and the ES-2060™ for 20 to 60 inches in diameter.



Electro Scan represents the next generation of leak detection. Just like the initial introduction of closed-circuit television inspection nearly fifty years ago, electro scan redefines the way a municipal sewer utility can identify and prioritize its critical pipes. Not only does it represent a new dawn in assessment technologies, but Electro Scan eliminates the need for operators to make visual assessments of sanitary sewer defects.


Critical Sewers™ Cloud App

Electro Scan’s Critical Sewers™ Cloud Computing application is a business intelligence solution for commercial plumbers, sewer service companies, and wastewater utilities providing timely, reliable, cost-effective, and actionable intelligence of sanitary sewer inspections.