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Who We Are

Diagnostic Resources and Solutions (DRS)
is a Female Business Enterprise.

DRS is a sanitary and storm sewer evaluation company.  Incorporated in 2002, DRS began field operations under the Mentor/Protégé program provided by Compliance EnviroSystems.  CES is one of the top sewer evaluation firms in the United States.  Our services started with simple smoke testing of sewer collection systems.  We were then trained how to provide manhole inspections with detail to accuracy and product deliverables.  The professional guidance and training provided to us by CES has been excellent.  Our deliverables are reviewed and approved or rejected under the unwavering quality control measures and standards that CES demands of all its’ employees and sub-contractors.  This Mentor/Protégé approach had allowed us to expand our services.  DRS services now include Smoke Testing, Manhole Inspections, High Pressure Cleaning, Closed Circuit Television Inspections, Lateral Cleaning and CCTV Inspection, and Data Management.

DRS has provided our services with in Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Maryland, on several multi-year EPA mandated SSES programs. Additionally, DRS assisted in storm drainage cleanup in the City of New Orleans following hurricanes Katrina and Gustauv. With each project we have improved our level of services and deliverables.  We are currently providing highly complex sewer lateral cleaning and CCTV inspections in Massachusetts and Indiana.

In addition to our standard evaluation services, DRS will soon be providing cutting edge ElectroScan I/I evaluation technologies as a provider and dealer representative. We are excited to be a part of the ElectroScan Team, and look forward to providing this accurate I/I location and quantification tool to our clients.

Why Choose Us


DRS has been trained in all technical services by the nation’s leading Sewer Evaluation and Lateral Rehabilitation Companies


DRS self-performs 100% of our services insuring our clients the best product possible


DRS has over 10 years of successful technical sanitary and storm sewer evaluation experience


DRS is the one of the top performing sewer evaluation, Female Owned Businesses in the United States


DRS has impeccable performance and safety records