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DRS utilizes cutting edge technologies to evaluate the existing structural and hydraulic characteristics of sanitary and storm sewer systems. Accurate system evaluation is the most crucial part of the sewer rehabilitation cycle.

Engineering Support

DRS coverts accurate evaluation data into customized reports for design engineers. These reports are used to develop system rehabilitation plans and specifications.

Rehabilitation Support

DRS provides support for sewer rehabilitation contractors and installation verifications for system owners. This includes pipe preparation, lateral inspections and cleaning, as well as post-rehabilitation verification services using CCTV and Electro Scan technologies.


To participate in Evaluation, Engineering and Rehabilitation Support, DRS utilizes cutting edge equipment and technologies. See our complete list of services.

Our Solutions

The nations sanitary and storm sewer infrastructures are deteriorating at a geometric rate.  Many of these critical systems are over one hundred years old.

Sewer overflows, cave-ins, treatment plant by-passes, health issues and other problems are results of decades of lack of maintenance and rehabilitation to these collection systems.  The effective solutions to rehabilitating these systems requires the combined skills and expertise of Evaluation Consultants, Design Engineers, and Rehabilitation Contractors.  With our cutting edge evaluation technologies, DRS provides Solutions for each part for the Evaluation Cycle.